We, the undersigned youth and students, unite to resist neo-fascism and the repression under a Trump presidency. The global crisis of capitalism has paved the way for the rise of right-wing politicians in many countries. In the U.S., Trump’s rhetoric against failed neoliberal policies has gained significant popularity by attacking immigrants, women, Muslims, and the LGBTQ community among others, who are being used as scapegoats in this crisis that was generated by the greed of the wealthiest 1%.

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump took oath as the new face of U.S. imperialism, a force that has politically, economically, culturally, and militarily attacked countries all over the world in the last century. Already, his fraudulent rhetoric to ‘make America great again’ is being exposed as he has appointed brazen agents of neoliberalism into his cabinet. These millionaires and billionaires can be expected to use their key government positions to enrich the wealth of the largest corporations and the ruling elite while undermining people’s rights and destroying the environment. Anti-LGBTQ extremist Mike Pence will be Vice President. Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin will be Secretary of Treasury. Climate change denier and Big Oil ally Scott Pruitt will lead the Environmental Protection Agency to remove governmental regulations on pollution. Supporter of mass torture and the drug war John Kelly will lead the Department of Homeland Security. Charter school crusader and billionaire Betsy DeVos will lead the Department of Education. Youth and students in particular will face stronger attacks on public education as DeVos pushes for school choice and charter schools. This privatization of our education will consequently lower both the quality and availability of education.

With Trump’s appointments we can only expect joblessness, discrimination and bigotry, attacks on civil and political rights, and wars abroad to continue and escalate. Moreover, with this new regime, anti-people neoliberal policies will continue to worsen and push communities into further crisis.

Trump also plans to increase military spending by $100 to $300 billion at the expense of funding for basic social services. This prioritization of the military over education, health care, and more will only exacerbate the current economic and social crisis by plunging the U.S. into further debt and increasing the burden and suffering of the people. They will also further intensify wars of aggression and intervention around the world.

We, youth and students across the U.S., will not wait for another four years for genuine, pro-people change. We resolve to fight with the broader community against the conditions that created Trump, his authoritarian and neo-fascist style of governance, and the oppressive state that our communities face today. We will fight for:

  1. An end to U.S. intervention and terror abroad, which puts millions at risk of violence and poverty every year;
  2. An end to state repression domestically, which has targeted Black and brown youth without remorse;
  3. Free, accessible, and relevant education for all;
  4. Social services and economic justice for all, especially the working class and poor;
  5. An end the criminalization of immigrants and youth of color;
  6. The abolition of all prisons and all forms of incarceration;
  7. Protection from deportation for undocumented migrants;

(to sign-on to the unity statement click here: http://tinyurl.com/Youth-StudentsUnite)