About the IYC

Our Mission: The Immigrant Youth Coalition (IYC) is an undocumented and Queer/Trans youth led organization based in California. Our mission is to mobilize youth, families and incarcerated people to end the criminalization of immigrants and people of color. IYC aims to build  radical consciousness by centering around the most directly impacted people. We organize to create social change that confronts the interlocking systems of oppression.

Our primary goals are to

(1) End the mass criminalization of Women, LGBTQIA, and migrant youth of color
(2) Stop all deportations in U.S. and abroad
(3) Abolish forms of incarceration/detention public or private, and ending solitary confinement.
(4) End local law enforcement and Immigration Customs Enforcement(ICE) collaboration and any information sharing programs and databases.
(5) Increase the resources and services invested by communities to support LGBTQIA youth of color.

"IYC provided me with the opportunity to see myself as a leader in the community and to come to terms with my reality as an immigrant woman.``

Blanca Vazquez, Lead Organizer
East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition "


First meeting where IYC was named and formed. Dec. 2011

The Immigrant Youth Coalition (IYC) was founded in 2011 after the Federal DREAM Act failed to pass while the implementation of Police/ICE collaborations across California and the nation criminalized immigrants and created an environment in which undocumented communities were forced to lived in fear and shame. In resistance to the attacks on immigrants and mass deportations, the IYC decided to organize undocumented youth for radical change. The membership of the IYC containing a wealth of knowledge, the IYC decided to implement a decentralized model of organizing and engage youth outside the traditional organizing spaces in Los Angeles. The IYC grew to encompass 7 local organizations across the state in rural, suburban and urban areas.