Youth Organizing


 IYC organizes with network of 7 local community-based chapter organizations across the state of California and with 3 chapters in LA County. IYC convenes youth leaders statewide to become involved in strategic planning, campaigns, capacity building, and staff support. Local chapters are locally autonomous organizations led by youth who organize on local issues impacting undocumented people.

Youth Empowerment Summit

IYC’s annual signature event is the Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) where we hold workshops to support the holistic leadership and political development of undocumented youth. We conduct an all-day summit, led by our LA Youth Organizer, which up to 100 youth attend and participate in popular education based workshops created by IYC youth members to build consciousness about the issues impacting their community. Youth Empowerment Summits are tailored for high school age youth, and youth lead the planning, outreach and facilitation of YES.

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Rising Leadership Summit

IYC provides leadership development and organizing opportunities for youth through our growing leadership development curriculum and youth led campaigns. IYC enables youth from across the state to exchange strategies and foster movement building and solidarity. Every year, IYC holds the youth only “Rising Leadership Summit” (RLS) for all youth members to evaluate and learn new skills relevant to the needs of the members. During RLS, youth participate in youth-led workshops defined by the needs expressed by the membership that provide political education and social change strategy development.The RLS gives IYC the opportunity to become involved in campaigns and leadership development.

“Coming Out” of the Shadows: Undocumented, Unafraid, Trans, Queer Unashamed

Every Year During March “Coming Out of the Shadows” (COOTS) month, we engage our local chapters and other youth organizations to conduct “Coming Out” events in the community where youth and community members share their stories and the issues impacting the undocumented community. COOTS cultural events involve music, art, and direct action in collaboration with community-based organizations in the region. COOTS events are held in public spaces where we can engage people in the conversation. Stories that are not given the same coverage are prioritized in these events and in the media coverage of those stories. Beforehand, youth participate in public speaking and storytelling workshops. They also reach out to different communities and people with different identities to participate in coming out of the shadows in a public event or via social media. Through COOTS, IYC is able to directly shape public opinion about undocumented immigrants by reaching thousands of people in our local communities.